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How Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies being used to finance campaign?

Are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies really being used to finance political campaign? Sounds interesting as well as suspicious! Let us try to find out. Cryptoc

Can we consider Amazon as Bitcoin biggest threat?

Over the past few years, a number of people have taken part in Bitcoin’s explosive growth. Families have invested their savings, teenagers their college

Britcoin another Cryptocurrency on the Corner?

While Russia is looking into Cryptoruble, there is a belief that soon the world might also be able to see a Ukcoin or maybe Britcoin. The Governor of Bank

Japanese Employees To Get Paid In Bitcoin

GMO Internet, a Japanese company will be starting to offer Bitcoin as a share of salaries to their employees, beginning from February 2018.  GMO holds a b

Apple Opting For the Blockchain Technology

The tech giant, Apple, has recently found submitting a new patent, which uses the Blockchain potential system for the creation and verification of time sta

Potential Start of Blockchain Technology in Travel Services

Blockchain Technology in Travel Services? Yes, finally, it is coming true. New Zealand’s national airlines, Air New Zealand, is exploring the use of Bloc

A Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Available In North Korea

Pyongyang University, which is popularly considered as the breeding grounds for all North Korea’s hackers, is now teaching courses on Cryptocurrencies. D

Bitcoin Mutual Fund is a New Breakthrough for Investors

Recently, Tobam, a French-based asset management company declared the launch of Europe’s first mutual fund, actively based on Bitcoin. The company stated

What are Futures Markets and How They Can Affect Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin gaining worldwide attention, there is a lot of discussion and commotion about its future market. Companies, such as LedgerX, and a number of t

The Best Location in Russia for Crypto Miners

One of the main reasons why this is the best location in Russia for crypto miners is the availability of cheap and abundant electricity. Today, with a boom

What is Bitcoin and how to get one?

Bitcoin is a digital form of currency widely known as Cryptocurrency. It is a worldwide and legal digital payment system. It is the first decentralised dig

Latest Bitcoin Price Indicates Strong Bull Market

If latest statistics are to be believed then it is pretty sure that there will be a strong bull market in the offering. Yesterday, we saw an awesome jump o