How Ex-Australian Footballer used Crypto Trading to Kill Drug Habits?

How Ex-Australian Footballer used Crypto Trading to Kill Drug Habits?

At a time when the crypto price trend is making headlines in the financial world, here is different news about crypto trading from Australia. Today many individuals take interest in crypto trading, but how often you come across traders who do it to kill drug habits? Interesting right? A former premiership coach from AFL, Australian Football League has recently admitted this fact. Mark Bomber Thompson is a popular name in Australian Football League, but his recent admission of crypto trade to kill drug habits is making news everywhere across the globe.

According to Thompson, he was depressed after quitting professional football; hence he channeled all this energy and interest to drug addiction. Finally he found interest in crypto trading which at the end helped him overcome drug addiction. Quite a turnaround!

Addicted to Drugs

According to the ex-Australian footballer, he was addicted to crystal methamphetamine to overcome the pain of leaving football. He was closely attached to Essendon Football Club, but because of scandals and use of banned supplements, he had to leave the sport. It was back in January 2018, when illegal substances were found in his Port Melbourne home after several raids by the police. But in a recent interrogation Bomber disclosed that police raids and scandals have left him shattered from inside.

The ex-footballer was also recounting that cryptocurrency is so exhilarating that it keeps you on the edge always; it was quite a cure considering the situation he went through after quitting the game. He spent close to 12 hours daily to learn crypto trade through different online tutorials and videos. He believed this new interest helped him to overcome depression to a great extent.

He also believes Bitcoin to be the next big thing in financial world. Bomber also revealed that he never thought of selling drugs or any other illegal substances to make up for the loss. Though he was tempted to abuse a hallucinogenic drug named lysergic acid diethylamide he didn’t have the guts to go ahead.

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Entry to the Dark World

After several interrogations, the ex-athlete also revealed about Thomas Windsor who came to his rescue during the struggling days. Thomas Windsor was, however, a drug convict from Geelong. Both of them became friends and started living together before getting arrested in January 2018. Police recovered several illegal substances such as ice pipes, digital scales, ecstasy tablets, hard drives and re-sealable bags from different parts of the house. Following this raid, the ex-footballer was charged with several cases of drug possession.

However, Thomspon’s lawyer later argued in the court that drug recovered from the place was not his and also there was no proof that he had the intention of selling it illegally. Trafficking illicit substances is illegal in any part of the world, Thomspon fell into this trap but was later released. However it was crypto trading which helped him recover from these series of events but later on, he ended by losing most of his investments.

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