Invest In the Right Cryptocurrencies In 2018

Invest In the Right Cryptocurrencies In 2018

The Cryptocurrencies, no matter its popularity, is still a premature and highly volatile market. In order to get the maximum profit of this ever-changing market, it is necessary to conduct a proper research.

In the following article, we will be discussing the top 10 cryptocurrencies, which you can buy for a profit.

1.Ripple (XRP)

After Bitcoin, Ripple took the world by storm with its dynamic increase. Currently sitting at $1.29 per Ripple as on 29th Jan 2018, with a Market cap of $50 billion, this digital currency is almost sure shot for boom.


It was developed by programmer Jed McCaleb, businessman Chris Larsen and Web developer Ryan Fugger. Ripple was first introduced in 2012, and has licensed its block chain technology with over 100 banks.

According to multiple viewings and surveys, Ripple stands at the top of the list where you should invest in 2018.

Predicted Price: $6


At the second position, we have another strong contender in the form of IOTA, with each coin of it priced at $2.5 sitting at a market cap of $6 billion. The cryptocurrency was created by a team of mathematicians, developers and entrepreneurs. IOTA is not created using Blockchain tech, however, makes use of a technology called Tangle.


It holds several advantages over other cryptocurrencies, such as no block system, mining or trading fees. All the transactions are approved by other users or nodes when the transaction is processed, making each IOTA owner a potential miner as well.

Predicted Price: $10

3. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a relatively new digital currency, launched a few months ago. It sits at a market cap of $10 million with a price of $0.40 per coin. It has amassed a great amount of popularity in a short amount of time, and is now the 6th most traded Cryptocurrency in today’s time.


About 26 billion out of 45 billion coins are currently being circulated. Considering how low the price is, and how it has just been introduced into the market, there is much room of improvement for this digital currency, and could be one of the best choices to invest on.

Predicted Price: $10

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum enjoyed the spot for the most traded cryptocurrency in terms of market cap for a long time, and currently sits $116 billion, with price of each coin being $1195.25.


It was created by Vitalik Buterin, who is a Canadian-Russian programmer. The digital currency saw a boom in its price following the popularity of Bitcoin.

Predicted Price: $2500

5. Litecoin (LTC)

Created by Charlie Lee, a formed Google employee, Litecoin is an extremely successful cryptocurrency with a market cap of $15 billion. Each LTC is priced at $183, which is expected to grow by the end of this year.



Recently, it fell due to the owner selling a significant portion of his Litecoin to show that he is not only using the currency to gain profits.

Predicted Price: $500

6. Monero (XMR)

Monero is an untraceable crypto currency. It is anonymous, private and safe as compared to others of its kind. And similar to Bitcoin, it is accessible to all. You can be your own money lender and manager with Monero because it lets you manage and supervise your funds.


The transactions made over it and all the account securities are cautiously handled and kept hidden from unauthorized access. It currently sits at a market cap of $4.5 billion with a price of $319.

Predicted Price: $900

7. Bitcoin (BTC)

Currently residing at the top, one Bitcoin costs $12,500 at the time of writing this article. With a market cap of $200 billion, Bitcoin is unarguable the most popular cryptocurrency available, but it is hard to re imagine it will retain its position until it improves further, and doesn’t let its competition take over.


With the major problem being, high power consumption needed for mining and time taken for each block verification, offering a delay in transactions.

Predicted Price: $30,000

8. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the newer cryptocurrencies introduced in August 2017, and was a hard fork of Bitcoin. It was created by a team of people to deal with slow transaction speed and increasing trading fees of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash’s faces a few barriers, such as corporate adoption and public acceptance. Currently, it values at $28 billion in market cap and is priced at $1650.

Predicted Price: $3200

9. Verge (XVG)

Verge was primarily created to focus on privacy, and is an anonymous and secure cryptocurrency. While being highly neglected, it has great potential for the future.


It’s market cap is too small, and the price has just exploded in the last 20 days. The market cap sits at $2 million and the price is $0.087140

Recently company announced a tie-up with VISA which is a positive sign.

Predicted Price: $2


10. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar was created by a team of developers, mathematician and entrepreneurs, sitting at a market cap of $4 billion with each coin priced at $0.62. It is a hybrid, decentralised Blockchain, which is open source in nature.


It provides infrastructure that allows cross-asset transfers, including payments. With a single integration, you can join an open global financial network, known as Stellar Network.

Predicted Price: $3

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