Japanese Employees To Get Paid In Bitcoin

Japanese Employees To Get Paid In Bitcoin

GMO Internet, a Japanese company will be starting to offer Bitcoin as a share of salaries to their employees, beginning from February 2018.  GMO holds a business, which employs more than 4,000 people, and will allow the employees to receive up to $890 or 100,000 yen in Bitcoin.

According to a spokesperson of the firm, the company is looking into the capabilities and applications of Bitcoin. Paying the employees with Bitcoin will allow the company to better understand how the cryptocurrency can be utilized in real life scenarios. The employees have this optional choice to receive salaries through BTC if they want to.


According to the company’s website, the company showed interest in Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology, preceding their announcement of paying employees in BTC. The company had previously launched a Bitcoin exchange in early 2017.

Furthermore, GMO Internet is now looking into the far potential of the cryptocurrency industry and will begin mining operations in 2018.

The current Bitcoin price is on a boom, and the option to receive salary as Bitcoin will embrace this new technology. It is an unconventional form of paying employees investment and pension methods.

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An added benefit of receiving BTC as salary is the people have a choice that they can either choose to draw out their earnings or keep the coins as a long term investment. Moreover, this options allow the people to put more economic power back into savings.

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